Jörgen W. (jorgen_w) wrote,
Jörgen W.

Review of RDB Don Quixote

Diana Cuni and Alessio Carbone. Photo: Henrik Stenberg.
On DanceView Times Eva Kistrup reviews the current RDB staging of Don Quixote and rightfully praises Diana Cuni:

"It has been well known among the reviewers, the audience and the dancers that Diana Cuni is one of the best dancers in the company. Unfortunately the artistic management has been slow in recognising her extraordinary gifts. Small but covering a lot of ground, she is a classic soubrette dancer with great jumping abilities. As Kitri she gets to show all her abilities, and although she had to focus mainly on the technical feat, she more than demonstrated her claim for the part. She concluded by nailing 32 fouettes and more performances will give opportunities to develop the softer side and nuances." 

Read the full review here

Tags: carbone, cuni, don quixote, rdb
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