Jörgen W. (jorgen_w) wrote,
Jörgen W.

The 2008-2009 RDB repertoire

The repertoire for Nikolaj Hübbe’s first season as artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet was presented at a major press conference in the spring. Apart from revisiting story ballets such as Romeo & Juliet, Onegin and Don Quixote, Hübbe’s first season also features an entirely new staging of Cinderella by Tim Rushton, a staging of Giselle with new choreography by Sorella Englund and Nikolaj Hübbe, a youth performance of Othello with music by Danish rapper Zaki, and naturally an entire Balanchine program. Danish audiences can look forward to an evening with Symphony in C, The Sleepwalker and Symphony in Three Movements.
Tags: hubbe, rdb
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