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Yao Wei promoted to Principal Dancer

Yao Wei - RDB

RDB Theatre chief Erik Jacobsen announced the promotion of Yao Wei to Principal Dancer on stage at the tour in Beijing:

"One of our traditions surrounds the appointment to principal dancer, the highest title obtainable at The Royal Danish Ballet. Only a few dancers will ever reach this level, and we normally make this announcement in front of our home audience in Copenhagen. But today we would like, in this extraordinary house, to promote a new principal dancer to The Royal Danish Ballet. It is a beautiful dancer with an exquisite technique, and a very expressive and lyrical style, a dancer who has already at a young age danced many leading roles in the greatest ballets of our repertory. Her professional attitude and disciplined approach serves as an example to all, and it is a great honour for me here in China to promote our Chinese dancer Yao Wei to Principal Dancer with The Royal Danish Ballet!" 

The Ballerina Gallery - bio
Ballet Royal du Danemark - David Amzallag's photo blog 

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